My girlfriend left me for the guy she cheated on me with. Any tips on getting over her?

I thought things were going well. We dated for 15 months and we celebrated valentines day. She always seemed happy and excited to see me and we clicked really well. During the relationship she started talkingto a guy we'll call Bob. She asked if it was okay if they were friends and I said yes because I trusted her and thought that they were just friends. After we broke up she ended up admitted that she cheated in me and she started dating Bob. She said she loved me which I doubt because if you loved someone you wouldn't cheat. She looked really sad and guilty about things. I deserve better than a cheater so I don't want her back. I'm justwondering on some tips to help ease the pain a bit.


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  • Keep busy
    Go out with friends
    Watch comedies
    Get in the gym
    Do fun things you've never done
    Go on fun dates


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  • My best recommendation is to get back out there and date some other people. Nothing serious, casual stuff. Just enough to remember that not all women are like that, and enough to get you re-socialized.

    • I'm hanging out with and talking to friends a lot. I mean my girlfriend was the person I was closest to for over a year so it is hard. Though my friends are supportivd and helpful. I've never had much luck with the ladies so I'm not sure how casual dating is going to go. Like as much as I want to it's not really easy for me to find someone.

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    • The idea, behind it is this. Like you said the main person you spent time with was her. That means with her gone so has your world. So we fill our time with people, with good people preferably, and build up our world again. Get it?

    • It's complicated why I mainly hung out with her. She lives in walking distance, 5 minute drive. I've surrounded myself with friends more and have been hanging out with them. They're pretty cool. Though as for dating I've never been good at getting a date though I've been trying to improve.

  • Aight bro -

    "Once a cheater, always a cheater."

    Think of this as a benefit to you. You got rid of a girl who was destined to be scum. You trimmed off the useless fat to make room for useful muscle.

    • Thanks man that helps a bit.