Girls, Will ex come back?

Ok so ex of 4 years split with me 1 month ago we was first love been through a lot she got my name tattood on her n lost her v to me never been with another guy so her dad died n she moved in with me as her fam was trying to stop her seeing me as she bunked off school all the time n they pointed it at me so she lived with me n my family n still we had strong relationship with them so she got in heritance n spoilt me n herself n went on a lot of holidays. We had to move she spent a lot on moving also with my family. She decided to go self employed therefore relied on my family. For lifts to market n stuff she was close to my family she took her clothes and a few things . So now she left an within 2 weeks got z new boyfriend lol. So I stopped begging and she left a lot of money worth. Of stuff. She bought me two motor bikes which I let her take one it was worth £1800 she was desperate as she spent a lot of her money n got ripped off n sold it for £350 lol. So I rang her n she got defensive saying its her bike. So I could hear her new boyfriend saying let me speak to him. She hadn't even told me about him. She didn't put him on the phone. So I didn't know at that time he was her boyfriend so I sent her nice texts saying I don't want her to be ripped off. So then I done no contact. She still hasn't told me about her new boyfriend but she keeps ringing me for stupid excuses I'm not even talking to her. So she ain't told me about him even tho I begged n was trying to get back with her n now I know found out by myself I do no contact and she keeps ringing so I sent her a text saying. Hi, hope you're ok. I was busy in my interview so couldn't take you're call but the rest of your stuff is in the post. She never replied then I got home went in the bath n she bloody rang me again so I ignored. Wt the hell


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  • She has moved on , you need to do the same. Get her to come for her stuff and be on with your life.


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