He cheated on his girlfriend with me.

Well, its been a month since my ex and I slept together and he cheated on his girlfriend and she stayed with him. So, my friend and I were hanging and my ex was texting her. So he asked her if I had mentioned anything about the fling, she said a couple times. and then he text back saying to tell me he was sorry and that he didn't mean to hurt me. and he feels bad he can't tell me because he said he wasn't allowed to or he would say it to my face.

Well today I was working out in the gym and he was there. and my friend had a 26 lb weight out and I had a 15 pound weight out. Well as I was putting them up I took hers. and he was like be careful. I don't want you to hurt yourself. in his asshole way. so a few minutes ago. I asked him why is he always an asshole to me he said that he was not allowed to talk to me, and that he didn't mean to be that way. what should I do?


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  • PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE! haha kiddding. But for my answer I am going to be harsh. You are the Cheate. He cheated on his girlfriend with you from what it sounds like and I'm guessing his girlfriend told him that if he wants to continue being with her to never talk to you again (i'm sorry, can you really blame her? She was hurt by this too). He probably does feel bad for ignoring you though since he cannot decide who to be with.

    So here is my advice. Forget him. You might be an awesome girl, but if he slept with you and continued being and LISTENING to his girlfriend, then he's shaking. He doesn't know what he wants. So instead of being in a yo-yo relationship with a guy who is in another real yo-yo relationship with a girlfriend, go out and find a guy who chooses you and you alone. And please don't help the guy cheat the next time... it's just not nice and it ends up hurting everybody.

    p.s. I could be wrong about you helping the guy cheat on the girlfriend and did he cheat on her with a second girl? That part confused me. But still, my advice still stands

    • No, but we got in deep sh*t after. but thanks I needed that. He is an asshole anyways.Thanks :)

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