My housemate cheated, to admit or not to admit?

OK people this ones not me but my housemate needs advice, she just got back with her boyfriend after they split due to struggles and such.

and he is due to visit next week, but last night she got with a lad under the influence and regrets she made a big mistake and wants to tell him because she's massive on being honest, but does she tell him over the phone cheaply or wait until he comes all the way here and tell him then face to face but possibly ruining his weekend with her?


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  • I'm all for honesty in any situation, as any relationship without it is doomed to failure. Unfortunately, I see honesty causing a break-up in this situation. They just had some problems, and now she's cheated-for whatever reason or circumstance-and I don't think it will end well. So she needs to decide if she's willing to take the consequences either way: if she tells him, he might leave her, and if she stays quiet and he finds out later, he'll definitely be p*ssed.

    Personally, I'm all for honesty, though. Yes, the consequences could be bad, but at least she's not carrying around the guilt of what happened and trying to keep it a secret, which will only make it worse on her in the long run. Plus, it gets the anticipation out of the way, too. She's not wondering when the other shoe will drop, so to speak, because whatever could happen will have already occurred.

    As for how she should tell him, it's definitely not a conversation to have over the phone. Sure, it might ruing his trip to see her, but it is always better to give such news in person rather than over the phone.

  • well this is a tuffy.. but first.. she needs to bring it up to him.. like not tell on her self yet.. but ask him what he woould do if she cheated and things like that.. then see what his response is. then after that happens then she should be able to decide what to do. that would be the easiest thing to do.!

    • This is stupid. You're either going to tell someone you cheated or not. It's pathetic if you have to ask for the consequences first and then decide if you want to lie or not because you can or cannot handle the consequences.

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