How to get over a lying ex?

Broke up with my ex because he was a liar and secretly online dated behind my back. I know I've made the right choice leaving him but it's hard because I miss the connection we had and feel a massive void now. Any tips on how to get over him?
Why is it hard to get over someone you know own right for you?


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  • Do you really want him back in your life? Do you really want someone who would lie and cheat on you? How do you know the connection is real and not some fake bs?

    The fastest way to get over someone is to imagine them punching baby pandas. Imagine that he is the reason this little guy is sad.


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  • Know that the connection that you two have and that you're feeling he was probably not feeling the same and or sharing it with another person online, you will always be able to move on- don't worry. Dont may him any mind because he's probably not thinking about you enough.

    • I know it's just hard because he said that he feels a connection with me and he only went online because he felt I held back in the relationship and felt insecure, it's a lame excuse I know, but he made me feel so special and after sex would cuddle me all night and kiss my forehead and talk all night. It sounds stupid but I really thought he was the one but I can't trust him and that's why I ended it. I just want to get over him but can't stop thinking about the good times 😔

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  • You will get over it when you realise your own worth. Why waste time thinking about someone who doesn't value your feelings and emotions.


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