My ex boyfriend broke up with me, but told me he still has lots of feelings? Meanings?

Me and My ex broke up fairly recently. We had contact in the first couple of days, but it was amicable. His reasoning behind it all, was 'its not you its me' 'you deserve better' 'i feel like im wasting your time'. I dont know if i want a relationship anymore. He is busy/stressed with exams and assignments, his mum moving further away etc. He said he didn't know if he loved me, to the point where i asked him 'he was like i guess not'. But on the phone, after we ended things, it came out that he loved me (which to me feels like he's trying to repress these feelings) , and the last time we spoke he was like i won't be reaching out for a while, as i still have a lot of feelings?

I'm super confused with all these mixed messages...


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  • Sounds like he feels inadequate and is depressed about other things. Sounds to me like he is trying to correct his mistake.

    • Thanks for the answer. Sorry, what do you mean 'trying to correct his mistake?"

    • He broke up with you and now realizes that it was a mistake

    • I think you were partially correct. I bumped into him yesterday and he told me how he missed us, and me. How he is now looking back at things, he once took for granted. He said he feels like he dug a great big whole for himself. However he seemed to quickly change everything, when i said i missed him and confused about everything "why is breakup the answer" he basically became adamant on not wanting a relationship in the entire convo.. he feels lost and doesn't know what he wants. He added that we destroyed the relationship and it became too toxic, and he wasn't happy "If I'm not happy how can i make you happy"He lastly said he does and doesn't regret the break up at the same time. He cried when I told him i don't think i could be friends. He doesn't want to lose me. My simple last statement was don't think i want to get back with you, I think we both need to time and space to deal with ourselves, and if its meant to be then its meant to be, we both agreed

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  • I think he respects you as a person and hopes that you have a good life, but I don't think that it means that he wants to be that good man for you.
    move on.

    Good luck...

  • It means nothing.


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