We broke up, now he wants me to break up with my new boyfriend for him?

Me and my ex broke up Feb 4 2010 he cheated on me with 2 other girls ( he is an ass ) then I got a new boyfriend and my ex got mad and started calling my boyfriend a goof and then called me a bitch I asked him to stop but he won't and now he is sending me stuff on msn asking me to break up with my boyfriend I won't but he is getting me mad by thinking I'm like that.why won't he give up...


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  • How does he know you have a new boyfriend?

    Anyways... block his MSN / phone number / Facebook and cut off all contact and enjoy your time with your new BF.

    • My friend told my ex about my boyfriend

      and they talked and my boyfriend hates him

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  • Delete all his numbers, msn screenames, and the like. You've got to let him go for good.


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  • stop talking to him, delete his numbers and everything or at least block him.

    but am pretty sure you told him that you have a new boyfriend so he could get jealous and there is a tiny part of you that still wants him, otherwise you wouldn't have asked the question on GAG.

    what you need to know is that he cheated before he will cheat again so what's the point?

    just cut contact with him and tell him that the new guy is way betetr than he'll ever be and he should get lost!


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