What would you think if someone who flaked on you / blew you off in the past started interacting with you again on social media?

Doing things like:

Liking your posts, events you're going to, becoming interested or going to the same events you're going to, and so on?

Even though you don't talk and you stopped talking to them after they flaked / blew you off?


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What Girls Said 1

  • This is actually my favourite thing! I love when people rudely flake on me or blow me off and then expect to just come back into my life like nothing ever happened!

    Some people are totally delusional to think that I won't remember.

    It's one thing if they are genuinely interested in the event, and they are just going for that reason. But if they are going as a plow to get back in contact with me, they have another thing coming!

    I've had this happen to me several times. If someone's flaked on me, I'm not about giving more chances. Maybe it's not a good way to think, but I just feel like if they had respected me before, then maybe we could give it another go. But instead, they felt they could just cut out without an explanation.

    in my opinion if someone didn't care enough about you then, what makes me think they have changed? If they truly want a chance, they have to make a concerted effort to show me they are truly interested and won't flake.

    • So you think this is their attempt at re-entering your life? For what reason? I mean I stopped giving this person chances and walked away, even though they sent a few texts after they flaked, and did a few other things but I just don't get the point of it?

      When it happened to you did the person on their own, or did they just continue to act passive/cowardly?

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    • So this one did that to an extent, treated me like an option and when I tried to solidify plans she wouldn't confirm till the night of (seriously who does this?). She then blew up my phone asking me asking to make it up and I told her I would get back to her by a certain time when I figured out my schedule and she told me that I could tell her any time. When I told her she flaked, but kept texting me and I just ignored her.

      Since then she'll like things I post every once in a while or becoming interested in things I go to but doesn't contact me directly. I am wondering if this is the female version of what you had to go through? (By that I mean girls generally aren't going to stick their neck out after that kind of behavior where as I think guys tend to be more bullish about a situation like this)

    • It's quite possible. I have an ex boyfriend who cheated on me, and so I left him. Yet he repeatedly likes my stuff on fb.

      I just don't get it. Like if a person can't be bothered to keep plans and make an effort, then why even say they want to see you in the first place?

      The best thing is to just ignore them until they go away :) Find a person who won't flake on you!

What Guys Said 1

  • I just ignore them, unless they make an attempt to apologise and also let me know what they are up to, by trying to get my attention.

    • So is this just an attempt at attention from her? Also I agree, they need to approach and apologize and make things right not just doing passive things like this, whatever THIS is.

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    • Okay so what is the best way to respond (if at all)

    • Don't respond. Ignore her.

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