I broke up with her and want her back. It was about a month ago, she has agreed to meet me. Should I make any attempt then?

I have had issues with anxiety all my life and my doctor changed prescriptions. When this happened, I started to be tired all of the time, have headaches and extremely irritated. I was very miserable and scared. Asked my doctor, she says I must complete the entire month to get results. Towards the end of the month, something had to change. I woke up one morning as decided (obviously not thinking clearly) to break up with my girlfriend. She was very hurt. She asked if we were done and I said yes, until I can get my head straight. In the meantime, a friend of mine needed a place to crash. My ex told me she tried to work things out with her ex and it wasn't the same as me. This hurt and I ended up sleeping with my friend. Within a week and a half, I had realized what I had done and wanted her back. I had a pretty bad breakdown, told my friend she needed to find another place to stay and told my ex that I realized I had messed up. Over the next week or so we go back and forth and I asked her if we could work stuff out. I had an open line of communication which was an issue before. The next time I see her, I ask again if we can work it out. She says as much as she wants to she can't right now. She needs to concentrate on her and her daughter and needs time. We still communicate (I know big mistake) and in the meantime seemed like the tables turned. She started playing hot and cold. One day I felt like I was annoying her the next she would bring me closer. She was obviously confused. Last week we had an argument through text and she told me we were done. I told her I can't communicate like a 12 year old and we needed to talk. I apologized for my actions and she agreed to see me the next day. The next day, plans changed and she couldn't come over but we spoke on the phone. Had a great conversation. After I had fallen asleep, she texted me 3 questions. Had she had said she


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  • As a women that's in your place
    The best thing you should do is ask her to be your friend, and take things very slow.
    You clearly are in a new state of life and getting to know about this stuff isn't the easiest thing I have bipolar, but I have had mine for many years. You both need to work things out of you love eachother I suggest you both take your relationship one day at a time


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  • Yes dude you did screw up sleeping with this friend. Will the XGF forgive you and allow things to progress? Who knows at this point. But if you allow your emotions to run wild I can honestly say that she shouldn't come back , instability isn't a fun place to be at all , even less if you have children involved. So my suggestion is to keep working on you and your condition. Be sure the new mess are the correct coarse of action and once that is done you will be more clear to know what is best for you both. All three counting her child

  • lol you are in your 40s you shouldn't be asking us

    • Because I'm not in my 40s and she's 23. Does age really matter?

    • hun she is 23
      I promise she is probably trying too get her life together

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