Is she trying to hurt me?

My ex dumped me 4 weeks ago we had a crazy argument, we are now still in contact but I never text her at its like she's been trying so hard to get my attention. She first blocked me on everything and now unblocked me she does this most times now. I set most of my accounts on private to make her think she's been blocked she has done the same. the first week we broke up I used to beg her so much with flowers but got rejected twice after that.

I left it as that I've been ignoring her for 2 weeks what does she want or trying to do I find it stupid she unblocked me from everything.. But not on my mums profile just mine like for me to message her isit a game to hurt me?

Why hey can't she just call me or text me lol


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  • My 4 year relationship ended in November and my ex played the same social media games with me. Don't buy into it man, they enjoy fucking with us while we're down.

    She's trying to get under your skin and as long as you keep taking the bait then she'll continue being the puppet master for her own sick pleasure.

    Just ignore it and sever all communication. This is what puts the power back on your side of the court because once she realizes that you aren't bothered by it, then she'll start to freak out and wonder why (if she still has feelings).

    This is what I did and my ex ended up trying to contact me 3 times since then. I never replied to her because I've already moved on and I'm currently banging 3 girls haha... living the dream. Just move on man, being single is awesome.

    • What is her purpose of doing this is she bothered by this break up?

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    • Girls are really fucked up in the head man. They get pleasure out of playing mind games with guys, just to see how much control they really have. It's a feeling of power for them, and by playing along, you're only adding fuel to that fire.

      This is psychological warfare, and the only way you can win is by letting her know she has no power... aka ignoring her. Give her a taste of her own medicine and let her freak out over why her plan isn't working on you. Girls get jealous really easy, she might think you're seeing someone, and that might be enough for her to come back down to reality and contact you for real. Just let her drive herself insane basically.

      I've been through this so many times, and trust me, it's the only way to win.

    • Her birthday is in 2 weeks she proberly excepts me to contact her I'm not going too, do girls do this because thier hurt aswell?