My boyfriend of over 3 years just broke up with me, reason good enough?

We were extremely close, we had a baby together, which was adopted, and a few months ago he said he knew how he was going to propose to me... I started bugging him more because it was all I could think about, and then he broke up with me today... He is going to University next fall in another state... He claims he had to break up with me because I was too "clingy". Would a guy really leave a girl for only that reason?
So yeah, I found out from his mother's likes on Instagram, that he was accepted into the Colorado University. So... that's the real reason.


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  • If I was interested in the relationship I would clearly communicate what's making me unhappy and try to make things go right. If I broke up with you, you would've seen it coming.

    He just dumped you cuz you are too clingy? Yeah no there has to be more to it.

    • He is going to University in another state... And his Mom told me years ago that it wasn't going to be long term, because he was going to University... Maybe she had something to do with it...

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  • sorry, I know that a painful feeling, but you don't specifically say what you're doing or saying.. it's kinda hard to give advise.

  • That's a stupid reason he's probably lying


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