What's her deal?

So, my kids mom and I broke up 3months ago. She started seeing a guy , it didn't last. I cheated in the past. That what caused our break up initially. But when I cheated it was 8 or 9 months before the break up. She took me back. Anyway, she slowly started coming around more and being friendly. Then we eventually started talking about trying again. Well, I took her out on a romantic dinner and horse carriage ride, everything went well. Then a few days past by I asked if she was speaking with any men , she said yes. But as friends. I was quite confused bc I thought we were going to work on us. So I gave her a ultimatum the following day. I asked it's you're in 100 percent and we both commit and work on it or were done. She says she can't commit bc she isn't in love with me anymore. And I was highly upset bc I asked why come back if u aren't in love or even try? We could of left it as was and remain friends. I told her , I will no longer see her the same or speak to her outside of our kids. What's her deal?


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  • Sounds like she is playing games

  • Who knows


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