How could he move on so quickly?

My boyfriend and I were taking a break because we were having a lot of problems and stress in the relationship. So he decided we should take a break to better ourselves because things were just getting out of hand , always arguing and fighting. So he also decided we could talk to other people on this break, because after all were not together and he didn't know when he would want to be back together. So a couple months go bye and he starts to come around and be nice and we even had sex a few times, but still not back together just starting to communicate a little better . . . .Then I find out he had been seeing another girl and sleeping with her and staying at her house like 3weeks (I think) after we broke up! I also find that he's just been getting all kinds of girls numbers and he's saying that there friends but, Why did he move on so quickly how did he move on so quickly I was under the impression we would get back together soon and he's out here running wild! It makes me question if this is something he wanted to do the whole relationship, like he couldn't wait to start talking to other girls. He claims to have only slept with that one girl whose house he was staying at and that it meant nothing that she meant nothing. And that he was and is really confused But how could he just start sleeping with someone so soon? We were together for three years. And I ask him so why did you start being nice to me again and sleeping with me if you were with her, He claims he started to feel better about him and I again...Anyway I just told him after he moved on so quickly and lied to me about it I feel he doesn't really respect me I can't trust him and I feel he doesn't care the way he use to so I never wanna be with him again I couldn't trust him he crossed the line. But how could he move on so quickly and wanna talk to all thee girls after everything we had?


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  • "Why did he move on so quickly how did he move on so quickly"

    "But how could he move on so quickly and wanna talk to all thee girls after everthing we had?"

    He was less interested in you than you were in him.

  • I do believe the term is rebound relationship. Constant arguing and stress in a relationship isn't good and any change from that is a very welcome sight. Be happy for him for recovering quickly. You are better off being with other people.


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