Guys, Should I message him first?

My ex said he still has feelings for me and has a different connection with me but doesn't want to rush back into a relationship. He said he wants to take things slow and see what happens. I made it clear that if he's intending to see other girls whilst seeing me then I don't want to bother and he said he does want to get back with me but not rush it this time.. He used to call and text me every day and I haven't Heard from him at all in 3 days but he's been online so he's clearly talking to someone. Should I message him first or is he just playing games and keeping me on the backburner?


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  • I think his keeping you as a second option. His talking to other girls, but he doesn't want to rush back into a relationship with you. Sounds like he wants to have a bit of fun first.

    • I know that's how I feel tbh I told him that if he wants to date other people then let's just go our separate ways but he said he doesn't want to do that so I feel confused

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    • It's true thanks

    • no problem

  • do not message him he's playin u girl


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