What would you do in this situation working with an ex?

I am currently in a situation after a nasty break up. I have remained civil the entire time while my ex boyfriend has just flipped out gone off the deep end. He texted break up, left my things outside his place, made a racist comment and disrespected my family and much more.

He went completely crazy and not the person I fell for.

I work with this idiot. As much as I don't want to see him (we both avoid each other), I am getting promoted soon. His hours have been cut severely for some reason. Would you still come to work and just continue to ignore this emtionally immature individual, just focus on work?

Or would you quit?


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  • u should continue to go to work enjoy your promotion and let the immature person have there time to freak out and know what he lost


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  • Be mature about here. You're there for the job.


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