I caught him and he ended it the next day, any thoughts on what he was thinking?

I found four numbers of girls in his contacts and called him out on it. Heclaimed he didn't know who those girls were so we left it at that. The next day he comes home early from work on lunch and tells me to pack my shit that he's taking me home and how it is over between us. The car ride was silent and he never said a word and I was in shock. What went wrong? I love him and was willing to forgive and work things out. I'm just so confused he hasn't texted or called me since and I know not to text or call him. Any advice on what to do?
To clear things up I did not go through his phone. He handed it to me because he had the number of an agency in his contact I need and as I scrolled down to it I noticed there names and didn't know who they were so I just asked about them.


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  • If my girlfriend started going through my contacts and grilling me about each one, it would end QUICKLY. You brought this upon yourself.


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  • Given your update, His actions seem pretty abrupt. There is more to this story than you are saying.

  • Um so what? He just had others girls' numbers on his contact list. It's not like he was sexting them or anything.


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