Breakdown after talking to Crush?

I had a crush at my work,

I fell for her hard, but when I asked her out she rejected me.

No contact helps, but seeing her in person or seeing that she uploaded a new picture…

Just seeing how beautiful she is (She is a 100000/10 in my eyes), Really hurts…

Her beauty hurts me,

Why? How can I prevent this?


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  • I think you really need to just learn to accept that things in life can't be in your control.
    Some times you just have to realize that you are a great person even if she doesn't want to be your girlfriend.
    Why do you feel hurt? you probably feel hurt because you feel kind of rejected, and rejection hurts people. It makes them feel like, hey maybe I'm not good enough of a person. Maybe I suck that's why they didn't want to be with me. The truth is, people have many reasons why they don't want to be with you and maybe it isn't because you suck, but because they just aren't ready to be in a relationship or they are looking for something else.
    How can you prevent this? you can prevent feeling down about yourself by going out and finding things and people that make you happy, and make you feel like you are a wonderful person!

    • I feel very rejected by her.

      She makes me feel so bad about myself, She is so much better than me...

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  • How are you seeing her pictures? Delete her from whatever platform you are seeing her on and minimize your time seeing her at work where possible. With time you'll get over her, I promise. Time heals all wounds.

    • I really need to do the no-contact thing, but I cave in sometimes... I now found out she is single ( Had a boyfriend at the time)

      I don't know

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  • Lol there are million chicks in world, Less than half million are above 8s but still a lot. Pick over 8s and Bang. Duh


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