My girlfriend thinks I cheated.

OK this is kind of long.

Me and my girlfriend have been dating for a year and a half. Last weekend I was at a party and my ex girlfriend was really drunk and asked me for a ride home and she's still a good friend so I gave her a

ride to her house but THAT'S IT. One of my gfs friends was at the party and saw me leave with sandy and told my girlfriend but she added a bunch of crap in so it sounded like me and my ex left together to go hook up. My girlfriend called me later that night crying and really p*ssed off asking me why I would do that to her and stuff. I went to her friends house to try talk to her in person but her friends kept getting involved and aggravating the situation and things got way out of hand and she ended up dumping me.

I'm pretty sure she did this because she got really caught up in the moment but her friends are complete bitches and pretty much drag her away every time I try to talk to her.

Basically what I'm asking is what the f am I supposed to do!?

I love her and I know if she would let explain with out her friends around we would probably get back together but her friends always interfere.


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  • Wow! Let me explain something to you about women, and it will help you for the rest of your life. We don't want our boyfriends kicking it, rescuing, being overly friendly, screwing, spending excess time etc. with their ex girlfriends. I don't know why you men have such a hard time getting that about us girls. You exercised poor judgment in leaving that party with your ex. You may have had the right intentions, but by leaving with her, you got involved in something that had the "appearance of evil." Furthermore, you compounded the situation by knowing that your girlfriends' friends were also at the party. What did you think was gonna happen? Your girlfriends' friends call themselves "looking out for their girl." You know, like how you guys look out for your bro's? It was not your responsibility to give your ex a ride. There was nobody else there who could or would give her a ride home? You messed up your own relationship by doing something dumb like that. Think of how your girlfriend felt when that junk got back to her. Don't do stuff to create insecurity in her, and cause gossip to get started, and then get mad at her friends for creating conflict between you and your girl. You brought that drama on yourself, and it could have all been avoided with one simple decision to stay away from your ex and let somebody else take her home. You are not the "good samaritan" whose job is to rescue the damsel in distress. Now, all you can do is apologize to your girl, and admit that you used poor judgment, and assure her that you will never do anything dumb like that again. When you talk to her, don't put the blame on her friends (she'll only resent you more for that, and feel like you're trying to pass the buck and get yourself out of the hot seat); but "man up" and own up to what you did. In the future, stay out of crazy situations like that and don't put yourself in a position to mess up with your girl, to be a "knight in shining armour" to somebody that is part of your past. Good luck.


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  • ugh, never ever let friends interfere. ESPECIALLY when they're high school girls. they FEED off the drama, it's like a drug to them.

    get her alone. get her alone to talk to her. otherwise it's a pack of frenzied hyenas. they are unreasonable and bloodthirsty...

    but I'd say they've also sufficiently poisoned her. even if you end up convincing her of the truth, she will always have lingering doubts and she will always be weary of you talking to other girls.

  • Girls are such idiots. I'm a girl yes, but they always change stories and make them sound worst than what really happened. I can kinda relate to your story it happened to me before.

    My advice to you is to tell her how you feel deep DOWN INSIDE your heart! Do it in front of her friends if you have to! Her friends are just jealous of what you guys have! trust me, do whatever you have to do to get to talk to her face to face. If it has to be in front of her friends... DO IT! BE BOLD! SHOW her that you truly do love her and want her back into your life.

    ps : If your cool with one of her family members they could help you get time to talk to her one on one. DONT ask none of her friends, because remember they was the ones to start is MESS!



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  • Congratulations, you've learned just learned a valuable lesson, all of a girls friends are ****s and will f*** you over if given the chance. The only chance your going to have with her is to convince her that her friends are trying to drive the two of you apart, maybe get the ex to talk to her and tell her nothing happened.


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