We've been dating for week and then he dumped me in a text message?

he's not looking forwards of school i always see him outside with he's friends. he said he liked me and wants to be my boyfriend i said yes then i realise that's he is sooooooooo shy and he's with he's friends 24 hours and when i go talk to him he's friends keeps buggin in. i told him that it was bothering and he's soooooo shy he's friend had to push him at me just so he could say hi and he had this longtime crush wth a friend of mine but she doesn't like him and he dosnt know she's my friend anyways he texted me yesterday to hangout today but i couldnt caus i have a test and tutor and homework. today whene i got back from my teacher's house i open my facebookchat and he said i honestly dont think we belong together he was offlne so i text back what do you mean and went offline my first qestion is what was that all about and what am i gonna tell my friend "oh we've been dating for a week and then he dumped in a text message" my other question is when he text back the reason how should i respond and what to do when im gona see him tomorrow


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  • I believe that as Wise as an owl Owl that I am, @amandaspice that with "He's friends keeps buggin in," He Got even More of a Shy Guy and was just so Embarrassed by everything that was at hand, He merely Got... Hot and Bothered.
    He would rather give up an amazing girl like yourself than to Wheel and Deal with a bunch of his immature idiot friends to the ends.
    Accept this, move on and just be Civil with friendship Now Somehow... Who knows what could occur with even him on The Book or with another boy to look and hook.
    As far as You being Red faced with your own Explanation, just merely tell 'My friend': He is too immature for me.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Walk away sweetheart, just around the corner there is a nicer, more genuine and honest guy waiting for you. Just take care, those kinds of guys are rare, take your time and be sure.


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