Almost two weeks, did he break up with me? or give him more time?

together 1 1/2. he makes future plans. met his fmaily and all very important close freinds. all good. except, my insecurity with jealousy. it happened more frequent than i like but i can't seem to control my emotions almost monthly for the last 4 months. he is aware and i have shared that i am woriking on it and seem to have gotten a little better.

still, last time, he ignored me and i got more upset. i took his phone (to me playing around and moved to another room) he got fed up and told me to leave and date other guys and that he will cancel our summer trip. i called after 4 days (didn't leave a message).
we were suposed to do some business together, he didn't go (he didn't have to see me) but i found out he didn't go. (i feel bad why he didn't go)

i dont know if this is for good or if he just need more time. i can tell he loves me a lot. and always want to please me, by food, doing things for me or making plans.

what should i do? thanks


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  • He broke up with you. It's just taken you two weeks to understand that him saying go date other people means you're not in a relationship anymore.

    • we have "broken up" like this before. the few days before, we were together everyday (we don't live together) he was counting that we are seeing ea. 5 - 6 days consectuivly. he said his friend is saying we are spending too much time together. i asked, is it a problem in a joking way, he came and hugged me with a big smile. i said that means you want and like spending time with me :-)

      the thing is, i need to be the one to apologize, i haven't. so... what do you think? leave it or apologize?

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    • i know what you mean. he is prob. waiting for me to apologize... i usually need time to internalize by coming here. by talking to freinds... this is the first time he didn't text me after a "break" other times he would text me... but still i would need a few more days... i may just go over to his neighbor bar to see if he is there later tongiht... so we'll see...

      when we are older, things are a little diff. from when we were in our early 20s lol...
      its nice to be your age. enjoy it

    • hey, thanks...
      relationship ended... :(

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  • Give him more time. Move on with your life and keep repeating that you don't care about him.
    If after a month he hasn't contacted you, send him a message. Take things slow and never mention your old relationship. Being jealous is one of the worst things us girls can do. If you can't trust him he wasn't worth your time anyway.
    Give it a month, send him a text and see how he reacts...

    • Oh, and don't send him any messages or call him during that month. One of the hardest things you'll ever have to do but it'll be worth it.

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    • Good luck :) Wish you all the best x

    • thank you, you too.

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