Why would my ex girlfriend (17) unblock me on fb?

We had a short term relationship (2 months me thinks), which ended because of distance as I started at a faculty. However, we've been NC for almost 5 months. She also blocked me on everything for an unknown reason. I didn't cheat or anything, but she seemed pissed when I last spoke to her. I believe there was some shit talking behind my back from our mutual friend who was always jealous of me. I really don't care though. Told her to contact me if she wanted to get back together. She said she was done with me.

Then she blocked/unblocked/reblocked me. I didn't reach out though. Strict NC. A few days ago her name popped up on mutual friend's fb wall. She also posted some emotional stuff that day. How she hates when people who love each other can't even bring themselves to talk.

I mean she could have reached out for me if she wanted to talk. It was her who blocked me on everything and I respected that. The ball is in her court now. I really liked the girl but won't feed her ego so she could just reject me again.

The thing is she is a couple of years younger and might be scared to come back? Or it has everything to do with her pride? I guess I'll never know...


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  • When girls get insecure about something, or just plain lonely, sadly they often look to an ex to feel secure, pretty, interesting, or worth someone's time again. It is completely selfish, and not fair at all. So if I were you, I wouldn't invest too much thought into it. She is probably just using you for her own ego and security. And girls are also under the illusion that their exes are always going to be in love with them on some level. :p

    • So if I reach out now (or add her as a friend first) you think she would blow me off (again)? I'm almost over her atm and if there is any chance of reconciliation, I would take the risk now rather than regret it later. I know the ball is in her court, but she was also hurt and she's a bit younger and all. Also, I don't believe she's the type of a girl who likes to play games. Mind she never stringed me along and she even told me to move on although she wanted to take a break at the beginning. She's also stubborn but I kind of liked her.

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    • Thank you! I was going to ask you about that.. I very much want to know how everything goes. :)

    • I just wanted to tell you that I didn't reach out to her as I had been told she is seeing someone (but he already cheated on her, so it's nothing serious, I assume). However, she texted me a happy birthday message, not on fb wall, but in a private message. Which is a bit unusual for her, especially when we haven't had any contact for months. I responded with a simple 'thank you' and didn't maintain the conversation. If she wants to talk to me/get back together, I believe she would break the NC again. I will leave it as it is now.

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  • I didn't need nor want to look to my ex. I needed to feel the effects of my actions. The pang in my chest. A final reminder. the mistake id just made. Giving up on, (him.) is a big one. Im uncontrollably in love. A bit intimidated dissapointed in myself. Projecting a fear of loosing him. Not going to push this away out of pride, out of anything period. Going to settle it maturely and head in a positive new direction. Got plenty of trust to earn and much self improvement ahead. im up for it. This modern love.


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