So, my ex is being a shit as usual :) enlighten me pls?

So yeah, it's just the odd posts on Facebook about articles on why he's single such as 'being too beautiful for dating' (he's clearly taking the piss) and being too intelligent to date. There's also digs ring thrown about like how he's similar to Einstein in the sense that he 'stays with problems for too long'

It bugs me because I feel these are all subtle digs directed at me. We're supposed to be civil with each other. At the moment, I feel we've both reached the stage of being over each other and accepting it's over, so, why does he still pull these dick moves? It pisses me off.
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  • Ha!! Im in the same boat as him, that means my ex must be really pissed off;)

    I even go far as in paying my post to be promoted so she can't ignore it.

    These are just sentiments and boasts.

    • Well, yeah. I'm actually not friends with him on Facebook? But... he made his profile public AND I can see when people like posts on Facebook even if I'm not friends with that person : I don't know what exactly he's boasting about, since, ya know... I'm hotter than him.

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    • All I know is that it flailed me and it jaded me. Im still sane dont worry, I won't be that guy in the news that gets caught ending his killing spree of women.
      No no I wouldn't do that, because I wouldn't be able to see her burn and be miserable.

      I don't know... "Love" did this to me.

    • Tell me about it. That seems to be what "love" does to people.

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  • If you read into anything he posts like that chances are you're not completely over it. Sometimes I feel the same way when an ex of mine I'll post something about how nice guys finish last and that's why he's single. But I'm like dude I don't know what you're talking about you cheated on me you kind of a jerk. But it's not so much about the person as the action why I still feel over it. So I would look into why it bothers you rather than his intent with it. If it really bothers you why does feed from your newsfeed. Then you're not making a statement by deleting him but you won't have to see it and if you're really over it you won't be checking his page. Good luck

    • *he'll post something.
      *hide his feed

      Voice to text. ..

    • Exactly!! I just think 'dude, the reason you are single is not down to your outstanding beauty... you have a face like a melted wellington' I guess it doesn't bother me really? I just wondered if he was behaving like this to get at me or because he's over me. I'd rather the latter to be honest.

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  • Digging at you is the foundation for
    "explaining" to others that his past & circumstances are not his fault but his choosing and others are to be faulted
    He's too good to be where he loved to be
    Saving face includes stepping your face into mud to insure his lofty goal of being perceived as God's gift to gals

    • I don't get how this perceives him as gods gift to girls though? I feel it just makes him look like a twat to be honest :/ also he's to blame for his circumstances. He ended it, so really, he shouldn't be rubbing it in like that :/

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    • He's afraid you'll spill the beans, all in your favor after a break up and he's covering to save face.
      He may have a history to support his fears.

    • I think he knows I wouldn't do that. I'm not that mean. But yeah, he does have that kinda history I guess...

  • This is about him, not you. It's his way of dealing with being single. He probably doesn't feel ready for another relationship so putting up those posts as like an excuse. It doesn't mean he's still into you. If it bothers you then maybe you should block him.

    • I get that. Just don't see why he had to document stuff like this all over Facebook though! Seems pretty pointless.

    • People deal with stuff in different ways

    • I just wouldn't say being bitter like that is what you call 'dealing' with something.

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