What do you make of these, I mean are they strange to you guys? Would you put up with it?

I broke up with my boyfriend of 2 years on Friday after taking a break from him. Reflecting back on the relationship I realised that he was very controlling and possibly even emotionally manipulating me! I only noticed this now as I was always with him.

Some examples throughout the relationship:

- I rang my mum on my lunch break as I hadn't seen her all week, I saw him in the morning before I left. He said 'Ah I see you ring your mum do you!! Not your sick boyfriend!! I'm a bit hurt babe, hurt I say!!'

Then after saying that I hadn't seen her at all and I saw him that morning and would give him a hug when I came back, he replied with 'Mmmmmm still!! I'm not angry, just disappointed!!'

- When I said I was too tired for sex as I was jet lagged he said don't you love me anymore

- He kept saying that I should grow my hair long as he wants to see it long, I said I'm happy with it short though, he said I like it short too then brought it up randomly throughout our relationship.

- if I misplaced anything he'd given me he'd say oh you probably sold it like everything else I give you

- He got jealous when people in America said they liked my hair (it's purple pink in colour), saying how come everyone likes your hair and no one likes mine

- he said we spend too much time together even though he's the one who suggests me staying over his all week and gets upset if I spend time with my mates without him or just want a night to myself or with my family.
- When we were on holiday in America (We live in the UK) just the two of us, I started feeling dizzy and sick. A few days previously I threw up at the theme park several times and got taken to a medical station. He was more concerned about missing the whale show and kept asking if I was better yet. A few days later still feeling giddy which I told him he left me on my own to go on a roller coaster. I was sat in another country in a theme park by myself...


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  • He was indeed being a dick. Good riddance, he's gone now!


What Girls Said 1

  • Yeah, your ex was kind of a dipshit.

    Good call dumping him.

    • I'm glad I've not just gone crazy! He kept making me believe it was me that was what was wrong with the relationship and I was losing my sanity!

    • Unless all those things were said in jest, he was definitely not the best man to be with.

      I can't imagine dealing with such bullshit if he was genuinely serious about all those things.

    • Some of them he made it seem like he was joking but I'm not sure that he actually was or if he was using humour to cover up what he was saying to make it seem like I was being silly.

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