Please be honest with me and tell what should I do! Boys, please explain me why he's acting like that?

Yep. Another question about an ex ;) So it's been over for exactly one year, and I still catch myself feeling down whenever I see a picture of him on my instagram and see that some girls complimented him. The last time we talked was 3 months after the breakup, because he apologized to me after sending me an enormous e-mail full of insults. This means we haven't talked for 9 months. We were together for a year, but we always had feelings for eachother for 2 years before getting together. I still talk to some of his friends, we have a lot of fun and laugh a lot. One of them keeps talking about him to me saying things like he still loves me and is not over me, blah blah blah. Another one of his friends fell in love with me and I friendzoned him so he kinda hates me now and is super bffs with my ex because they both "hate" me. But you know what they say: Hate is not the opposite of love, indifference is. And that kinda confuses me because some days my ex seems to always look at me and others he just forgets my existence. So, some days I feel like he wants me back and others I feel like he moved on. His friends also tell me that he's almost always talking trash about me. I'm like his favorite subject. It also bugs me a lot to see that we don't talk. I had lots of fun with him and we shared the same way of seeing things. His friend told me one time: This girl is so perfect for him, I don't understand why it fucked up. He was very possessive and jealous. He wanted me all for him. I broke up several times because of this but I always came back to him. He was the one who ended it for good, saying he "wasn't happy with me anymore" when a week ago he was telling me how he wouldn't be able to imagine me with another guy and that I was "the one" So yeah, I'm really confused about if there's still a chance that we could at least talk to eachother again, it's been a year.


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  • He's an ex. Move on.


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