What is going on in his head?

My boyfriend and I share a lot and have done a lot together..from visiting Los Angeles to Monterey. We have a strong bond..however last night he broke up with me because he says he wants to focus on his life and move up. He said he doesn't feel like he's going anywhere in life. He doesn't want to have to wry about making me or making me happy and that he does want to see me still. He told me still loves and cares for me a lot. He told me today that he doesn't want to love anyone else and that he loves me. He said at this stage in his life he isn't interested in girls. He told me that he can't and won't stop me from moving on or meeting new ppl, however, at the same time, he told that he doesn't want me to do anything. What do you guys get from that? I like to hear other pplease opinions...

I also told him that I'd be exclusive with him only and he's okay with that, but that its my decision.

Serious answers only please.

Thank you!

If you think he's "playing" me and trying to keep me close..your wrong, because it is completely my decision to do this. Just wanted to add that just in case. Thank you.


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  • You should just move on.


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