What shall I do in this situation? Shall I move forward or look back?

Well I am in a shitty situation. basically I broke up with my girlfriend 3-4 months ago. I had some trust and cheating issues which proved to be true afterwards. I found out she has been going out with a guy from her uni and afterwards they got into relationship straight when I broke up. She kept contacting me during that period too and always kept telling me that she has feelings for me. I stopped believing her but couldn't let he go so easily because I really loved her. Anyways during this period I got to know a cute girl who was introduced by my family and I liked her we started a relationship but due to the fact that she lives in another country I couldn't really start a new proper relationship with her but one month ago she proposed me and I accepted because we know each other for long loong period I was insid so broke and hurt by my ex girlfriend So I just accept it out of anger etc. straight after this my ex called me and said apparently she can't lived wihthour me and wanrs me back. And obviously I told her to break up with her new boyfriend she took like few days but broke up with him (I am assuming ) so after that everything was going good but I found out she still goes out with him I literally got so angry told her f* off but somehow I still have feelings for her and whenever she starts showing her love to me I get melted
the fact is tho she is studying in another country not that far
2) according to her we don't have a future because of her family that's why she cheated or wanred me to break up with her
my question is what am I supposed to do in this scenario shall I go back to her or carry on my new relationship. I don't really trust her anymore , her lies etc. But somehow I have strong feelings for her and definitely more than my new girlfriend...


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  • Cut her off completely. I know it sounds harsh and I've tried, it's hard to cut someone off, but at least try.. make her see that your not a pawn. She's being unfair towards you and wouldn't do that if she really loved you, even if there's this really good reason behind everything. Concentrate on yourself and tell her to do so too because it seems to me she has a lot of soul searching to do.

    Even if you talk everything out, you can't have a relationship without trust and i think distance would do good. You can think about everything, rrg.

    All my best

  • really your decision only you know what you want


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