The dance of jealousy with an ex-girlfriend?

The beginning: My girlfriend broke up with me one morning, and left for a weekend trip with a friend (whom she would start seeing regularly). One quote I remember from her is, "In the spirit of honesty, move on. I have."

here's why I'm curious about.

We went to a mutual friend's party and got along just fine and such. At one point she started talking about the relationship; how she loved me so much, but I was not the man she wanted me to be. We hugged and kissed very intensely, but that was that. As the night progressed, she went off made out with a girl, and just acted like a drunk-ass, and did her own thing, while her friend sat and talked with me. I was feeling brazen and grabbed her friend and we started making out -- the chemistry was intense. This put her over the top... she kicked me in the ass hard and gave me this hellish glare. Then she got loud and intense, saying things like, "Do what you want, but if you do it in my bed, I'll destroy you." and "I don't care what you do, cause I'm going to marry [insert the guy's name]." ... I just said, "Ok, good." Then she started verbally attacking her friend and trying to make her feel bad. Then she re-iterated that the guy she was seeing wanted to marry her (It's been literally 2 weeks of them getting to know each other.)

So, I fucked her friend in my car. I didn't tell my ex, but in her head she knows it happened.

Now she's really angry. I apologized and told her that I wasn't trying to get at her (and I wasn't, though the thought was in my mind). I just really felt a connection to this girl, and my ex had moved on, so why the fuck should I care? After my apology, she said, "don't speak to me." so I pushed her and said, "You have a future husband and can make out with girls, why are you so mad?" -which is my main question.
Why is she so mad?

The final conversation we had today was her texting that she could not look at me anymore. I texted back, "I don't get it. You're feelings aren't invalid, but you left me and immediately had a replacement. That's worthy of anger and sadness. I'm just doing what I can now to recover... You moved on, but yet there's still hostility?"


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  • She is mad because like any ex or most ex's they don't exactly smile and congratulate their own ex on being with someone else. She told you she loved you but your not who she wants you to be. Whatever her excuse you are not together. You chose to make out with her. But left it at that. She got stupid drunk, her own choice, and made out with another girl. That's all on her. Was that girl your friend? Or is the guys she's barely getting to know your friend? You didn't mention they were. Yet you proceed to make out with someone who is her friend right in front of her. Now I'm not saying your the bad guy or anything like that because her behaviour is pretty dumb. I wouldn't get dumb drunk but you have to take into consideration being drunk very well could've added to her outburst and she could've already been naturally angry.
    You have all the right to see whoever you want. Anyway though, if she does have feelings for you that's why she got mad, however she wants her cake and eat it too. So she's acting out in a ridiculous way.
    I think you should ignore her and her anger because regardless of why you guys aren't together. She's acting up, and needs to get her shyt together.
    Just be careful with who you associate with though because I'm sure you don't want her to outburst like that again

  • Yeah I get jealous too haha! (: It'll pass lol


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