I think I'm not in love with him anymore?

Long story short: he broke up with me after 13 months, he said he didn't love me anymore. Somehow we turned out to be friends with benefits. At the beginning of it I still loved him and wanted to be with him. The more time past, the more I got used to not being with him anymore. However it has been revealed that he didn't break up with me cause he didn't love me but because he thought it was coming to an end and he wanted to make it a good ending but in stead screwed up. I don't know man

But anyway lately I've been kind of annoyed by him and his behaviour. He's cool, but I don't know I don't feel any love when I see him. I just see him as my homie now. A homie I fuck as well, though, but without feelings. I think I don't love him anymore. But it's kind of weird cause I'm so used to having him in my life, and he still is in my life. But i'm afraid I want him out of my life when I really dont love him and feel attracted to him anymore. I like moving on, but I also want to hold on to the past


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  • You're wasting your time

  • Then you haven't deeply loved him to begin with, but had one of the following options:

    1. You were in love with love.

    2. You had a crush.

    3. You were infatuated.

    • So because I'm over him, or at least close to it, I never loved him? I did truly love him when we were together. I just feel these feelings fading away

    • True love just doesn't "fade away" easily. Or would you stop loving your parents/siblings/child just because you didn't spend time with them or something of them annoys you? Don't be naive.

    • That's so different. I've known them for whole my life and we will always be connected. I've only known my ex for about 2 or 3 years. I did love him. But it wasn't true love. Not at this point of my life, at least.

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