How to be strong enough to break up with her?

I have decided it's time to end a year long relationship. For the past 2 months there have been unresolved fight happening daily. The problem is that I've been away on a business trip for about 3 months and still am. I asked her if we could facetime later, so that's where I'll end it. But the last 2 times I tried to end it, I couldn't and she convinced me to stay with her. How can I be strong enough to end it? I really need help.


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  • Say it and stand by it, mate, there isn't any other way.
    No lets just be friends, no lets take a break. Say I need this, I need that, you can't provide it, I can't provide it for you, it is over.

    Don't take no for an answer.


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  • You need to be firm my friend.

    Tell her it's over, tell her why, ask her not to contact you, and then end the conversation. Maintain the no-contact.

    If she tries to make excuses or tries to convince you not to, cut her off, and tell her firmly that it's over.

  • Stand your ground - explain to her why you want out.

  • Wiskey helps

    • I'm too young and dont like it anyway.

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