My ex and his new girlfriend is going to be there and now I don't want to go?

There are certain events I enjoy going to. Thing is that my ex and his new girlfriend has started to show up at these events too. I left him, I still have strong feelings for him and I don't want to see him and the last thing I want to see his him and his girlfriend! I'm not being mean I'm just being honest with myself. I had been looking forward attending to this certain event until I heard they were coming, now I don't feel like going anymore which sucks because I shouldn't have to skip doing things I enjoy because of this. Of course I should go anyways right but it's so hard for me, I want to have fun not be "heartbroken." He has shoved her in my face before.. I get very anxious too. What on earth should I do? I was thinking about buying a hella fine dress and just own it.


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  • There isn't really any point going if you know that you're going to be spending the whole time feeling down , but its up to you. However i like the idea of buying a fine dress, so i think you should go, spend time with the people you know and strut your stuff!


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