To text or to not text back? Please help!

Hi, Well last Saturday I meet a boy at a party who I really liked and we got on really well, we swapped numbers and have been messaging each other everyday. The only problem is he lives miles away, but he has said he will come back to my hometown because his friend goes to college here. The problem is that I am starting to really like him but I think that this won't really go anywhere. I'm also questioning his motives for messaging me. He text me this morning and I am wondering whether to end it now or text back--- PLEASE HELP!xxxx


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  • what did he say? long distance usually doesn't work... esp if you just met... how far away is it... cause 30min-1 hr isn't so bad... anymore... and I don't think id do it. You think he's just trying to get in ure pants

    • I totally agree, you should check his motives... I know you think you like him, but you don't know him well enough yet. and long distance is extremely difficult but if its not that far it isn't so bad.

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