Want to break up, he is co dependant and emotionally unstable, I cheated, it needs to end. help help help help?

Quick run through
We've been together for 7 months, it has been an uphill battle the whole time, we are just not made for each other. He is co dependent and was in a despression when I meet him an it's pulling me down.

I decided to break up last week, I went out with some girlfriends and ended up kissing another guy and sleeping at his place (no sex). boyfriend was extremely nervous to my where abouts and picked up on something not right, we had a fight. I decided to wait with breaking up until things got better (which they are noe) so it didn't cloud the break up.

Now (a few days later) we're on an island holiday with his parents, we go back home in 2 days where I want to end it, I have a lot of stuff at his place and need it moved before I feel safe breaking up. we arrive 23:00 at night, I'm working 2:30 the next day til 21:00 so there's not a big time slot to get packed and leave. Is it better to just get it over with now on the island, wait until we're back or wait even longer?

I just really can't pretend I love him anymore and really want it over with.
Also I'm traveling for a few months and leaving in 2 weeks.

So basically, how do I handle this break up causing least hurt and getting out fast?


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  • The more hurt you cause the faster it ends.
    The less hurt the slower the end.

    Choose a path.

    • I've never slept with anyone. I dont want to lose this. And im certainly not going to argue over it because I've never slept with anyone ever. thought you were moving on based on what you told me yesterday.. Do you want it to end?

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    • But i won't manipulate. If u love me stay, if not you need to be with someone you're capable of loving. Im not gonna drag u along. Ur better and smarter than to let me. But i will get back up. Regardless.

    • Honestly when im with u i feel itll nvr end, and wen im not i constantly worry it will. Im in love j. We both know it, and i realize you are too. Were doomed for eachother. you're challenging me to change. So in that case. I won't get angry but Thank you.

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  • If ur still in love stay. If youve been playing, leave him now. Its Wrong to drag em on like that. Itll hurt both. If you truly love him, always stay and fight to the end


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