My girlfriend of 3 years broke up with me 2 weeks ago and already had sex with another guy?

We was together for three years and broke it off 2 weeks ago we was currently in a long distance relationship an which she has cheated on me before and, I admit I done my dirt as well but this the same girl I wanted to marry someday. So yesterday she came home from school for the weekend and she came over my house and we had sex but after that that's when she dropped the bomb on me and told that she had sex with another guy more than once about a week ago. Even though we is currently not together

Just the thought of that is driving me completely insane.

I will admit we had sex after that and slept together that night. I currently still have feelings for her but apart of me is telling me to just move on and I am not sure what to do I mean I do respect her honesty for tell me but its just killing me on the inside so what should I do


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  • Well, it sounds to me like you need to realize that you're (obviously she is not) trying to hold on to an idea of the two of you that you think is reality. If she has cheated on you before and can't keep her clothes on simply because she is far from you, why on earth would you ever want to marry her? What the hell do you think she is going to do as your wife? Move on, she has. Also if you two are not together and she is riding somebody else, you really have no reason to be going "completely insane".


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