Ever since I cut this guy out of my life, nothing excites me anymore and I feel disgusting... Shouldn't I be feeling better?

I had sexual relations with a guy since the end of December. We go to different colleges about an hour apart. We had sex multiple times; I caught feelings; he didn't. I gave him my all and felt 100% for him... He told me I was the only girl he was seeing which proved to be a huge lie, he was having sex on the side, which put my health at risk from a lack of protection as well. Luckily I'm okay.

He knew how much I liked him and he just used me and did not care one bit, as he fed me various lies and promises. So a couple weeks ago I cut him off for good (deleted from social media, I told him off, etc). Yet, now I feel so empty. Like the person I was when I was seeing him is gone now too. When I met him I was soaring. My body was rockin; I was confident as hell. I felt as gorgeous as everyone told me I was.

now, even with compliments and being asked out continuously, I don't want any of it and I feel gross. I know I've gained a few pounds. I see it on my body. Maybe 5 pounds. I don't feel sexy or desirable anymore, or that I WANT to be. It's as if now that I don't have him to get ready for, I don't want to at all. I wanted to hoe it up over break, lol I've only slept with 2 guys total but I really wanted to... And I just can't. Each day I walk in circles and nothing excites me like I had when I was talking with him... Even when what we had was bullshit. I just really wanted to get to know him and I really hoped we would make something... But he's young and just wants to have fun. He's livin it up and I'm stuck here feeling broken and it's all my fault.

what do I do?


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  • It's as if now that I don't have him to get ready for, I don't want to at all
    When a woman doesn't feel to look hot and sexy for anyone, which once she used to do it for a guy, then that guy was the love of her life.
    Babe, i would suggest u to try to contact him just once... maybe things can be rekindled... but if he acts like a cold fish then move on..
    but give it a try once... when a woman makes an effort to look sexy for a guy... that guy is really special to her and such guys dont come everyday.

  • The problem is that you put sex and love together. But at least you know you're to blame on having these feelings since your allowed it.

    I had that feeling when I cut all contact with my ex. But instead of taking the pain I decided to occupy my mind with new and exciting things and I guess the first step was experimenting and finding out more about myself and I learned what I really enjoy. Since December, I can say I have no more feelings towards my ex so I unblocked her from social media last month. I searched her name yesterday to find out she blocked me. Anyways, just give it time but you need to put effort on your part.


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  • Dont contact him!

    Its no surprise you feel like way. Love is an addiction. And break ups are withdrawls. The first time i went through it.. i started smoking pot a couple times a day (not recommending it just saying).

    The thing your missing is passion in your life. This is a great time to connect with friends or make new ones. Start dressing up for them. You know the saying... fake it til you make it. See if you can get a girlfriend (s) to try new things with you. Look into community project/school clubs stuff like that. The gym or something like yoga sounds like it could really help boost your mood and confidence too. And the great thing about that is people in these enviornments are always trying to better themselves and have positive vibes to spread around.


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