Girls, Was I wrong to slap my girlfriend?

My girlfriend slapped me hard across the face for kissing another girl in front of her. After she slapped me, I slapped her back (but lighter). She then started crying about how I broke her heart and hurt her. She then dumped me on the spot. How do I get her back?

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  • while i don't condone violence as a reasonable response for either gender, you cheated and you need to deal with the consequences.

    (i'm not saying that she was right to hit you. i'm saying that your cheating on her, right in front of her no less, was slimy and wrong and that you hitting her back effectively killed any chance you had of her forgiving you.)

    my advice to you is to leave the poor girl alone. she deserves better than you, and you need more help than anyone on the internet can give you.


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  • OH "A girl came on to me so I just kissed her in front of my girlfriend" who then out of sheer emotion slapped me. Yes, she should not have slapped you, but in that moment I too can understand why she did... you were so wrong to slap her. You should've been apologising right then.
    You don't get her back. She gets someone who isn't a cheater.

  • First off, no one should abuse anyone.

    Second, Dude, kissing another girl in front of her, thats DISRESPECT !!

    What the hell were you thinking?

    You can try to get her back but I dont know if she will come around. An apology is a good start..

  • Neither of you should be slapping each other. The relationship was already over when you cheated.

    I think she's hurt mainly of getting her heart ripped to pieces when she saw you kissing someone else than getting slapped back.

    I would only hit someone in self-defense when it's really needed. So yes, both of you were wrong.

  • She shouldn't have slapped you, I get she was upset but that situation could have been dealt with words not violence however, you just made things worse by slapping her back especially since you were in the wrong from the beginning (you cheated) so you both fucked up

  • Try not to hit girls (light for a guy doesn't always mean light for a girl), and seriously, you think hitting's the problem here?

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