I keep messing up and talking to him again, how can I stop?

I had a friends with benefits and I stopped talking to him because I have feelings for him. I tried being friends at first but he got a girlfriend and it kind of drove me nuts especially since he supposedly had feelings for me too. Anyway, I decided to stop talking to him and for a while I will be doing good and then something stupid will happen and I will end up talking to him and everytime he tries to butter me up and I feel good again only to be reminded that he spends every single day with another woman. Finally, I blocked him on everything and deleted his phone number. For some dumb reason I thought it would be a good idea to email him telling him to give me space and that I can't talk to him. Well anyway, he replied saying that just because he has a girlfriend doesn't mean its going to last forever and that he cares about me and all these compliments. But then I find out he is on a wildlife adventure with his girlfriend and it just drives me fucking nuts. Everytime he makes me feel good, I just get another wound when I see that his actions say the complete opposite of his words. I NEED to stop talking to him but for some reason I'm too pathetic to stay away from him. I deleted EVERYthing and I still found a way to talk to him. Does anyone have any advice on how to stop yourself from making the same stupid decision over and over? I know I deserve better and I want to just learn to love myself, but for some reason I always give in to my small moments of weakness only to regret it later. UGH. :(


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  • Well , it's not a problem. Just try to be normal with him , bcoz one day this behaviour sucks him at some point. then he wil come to know that how much u.
    If u can't avoid him , betr don't share ur innr feelings with him. it gonna hurt wen it s careless.
    Betr to concentrate on somethng othr than his activities.


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  • Nearly in the same situation, and still not out of the woods yet. Current objective, find someone else to fall in love with, and/or force the relationship to deteriorate so you actually won't want to see each other again. The former option may be your safest bet; start looking for an actual boyfriend again, without necessarily cutting ties with the friend with benefits.
    If you do fall in love, stopping the unhealthy relatioship shouldn't be problematic at all (though try not to find another guy that's willing to cheat on his girlfriend, I suppose).
    Good luck on your side -.-


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  • U regret it..

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