I lied and now I am struck with it. what should I do?

hi guys, i am gonna say it all here. so i have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 2 years. he cheated on me. he didn't confess it neither did i found, he straight up told me listen i am no more intrested in you and i have been cheating on you with different girls at the same time and am in a relationship with a few others. ( don't even question why i didn't got to know, first we do not live together second he was always available. we used to talk regularly for hours and many other factors which never let me doubt him, even if i did he always made me feel it was all in my head).
anyhow long story short i am heartbroken he told me this about 15 days back. one day i called him up and lied about one of his girlfriend calling me up and i told him to ask whoever she was to back off. it was just a way off getting out my frustration. becouse he didn't let me say anything when he told me about him doing all that shit, he straight up told me all that and disconnected the phone.
and now i am struck with this lie coz he want to know who she is and what number she called me from. so to cover this lie i made a frend call me from some random persons number and gave him that number to prove i was not lying, my ex called him up and now is gonna meet that random guy tommorow.
i can't confess that i lied becouse he'd kill me seriously he can i am not even exageratting here.
now i am worried for my life and our kid we have together. what should i do?


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  • If your life is in danger call the cops get some help, leave this guy he is not boyfriend material..


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