Need Advice? Please read I just need someone to tell me what I did wrong?

So first me and this guy was friends and then he started liking me so he asked me out and I said yes we were dating for about 2 weeks. There's this guy that likes me and my boyfriend knows how much that boy likes me. So on the weekend one of my friends gave the boy that likes me my number. He texted me and I decide to text him back. Over the weekend me and the guy that likes me became good friends I founded out that he liked another girl and we had nicknames for each other. Oh and my boyfriend phone broke so I can't text him or anything. So on Monday he founded out that me and the boy becames friends. The next day people are telling me that my boyfriend is going to break up with me. I only had one class with him so I couldn't talk to him. The only class I had with him was gym. When gym comes around he didn't even show up until the end of gym class. He still didn't talk to me. Before I went to my next class my friend stops me and the hallway say how my now ex boyfriend said that he's breaking up with me because he thought I liked the other guy. When I only became friends with him. He thought I talked a lot about him so after she gets done talking to me I walk to my next class and I just started crying because I didn't do anything wrong. All the girls are comforting me while I'm crying like a baby. After that class was over It was lunch time and I always sit by him at lunch with him and my other friends. One of the girls that were comforting me told me to sit by her at lunch. So at the cafeteria I was sitting by her with my back turned all him. One of my best friends was pissed off and started cussing him out and told him that I was crying. And he didn't even care he didn't even talk to me at all. Today he still didn't talk to me my friend told me that he said that we are broken up since it spreaded around school. At the end of the day I caught him staring at me but I quickly turned away. But was it my fault that we broke up? What did I do wrong? I really liked


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  • What you did wrong was become friends with a guy that has a crush on you, why would you do that? If you love your boyfriend respect him, stay away from this other guy. How would you feel if a girl has a crush on your boyfriend and he becomes friends with her? Respect him love him break the friendship with this other guy, stop texting him.

  • It sounds to me like you did nothing wrong at all.. what was wrong is him getting all huffy with you over it.. some guys just do not like what they feel is competition from another guy and that to me is what he thought.. you are allowed to have friends guy friends as well as female friends.. and if he keeps getting huffy with you it may be time to look in another direction.. tell him how you feel on this issue


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