Ex says he's bored in his relationship and wants to see me?

the answer is no. He was quick enough to dump me when he got bored so why doesn't he dump her?
Then he called me a bore for not wanting to see him.
I just don't want the added drama of some plain fat girl giving me grief again with her weird stalking, pair of whack jobs.

Why do men dump me then think I'll be ok that they can ask to see me again? Are they lazy to go find someone new?


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  • they do that because they think you are pathetic and you are soo lonely that you would accept everytime a guy dumps and then get back together. i would suggest you to cut every kind of contact with these kind of assholes, and i would suggest you also to say offensive words like fuck you or asshole to these guys so they know they can't fuck with you whenever they want to.

    • I am lonely but noones that lonely to go back to cruel people. I'd rather be lonely than see him.

    • hmm, i know but they think your a fool, just cut that asshole off your circle.

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  • He was just annoyed u rejected him & probably realising he has fought to be with fat plain chick has realised she's no "prize girl" which is his karma i would say!

    Enjoy being the one that got away but don't go back!!

    • The pair were extremely cruel towards me and rubbed their relationship in my face, I told him who would go back to that. She isn't a prize at all, neither am I but slightly easier on the eye than her. when I first seen her I thought this is the girl that was calling me names, what a joke.

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    • And for the record j. Do you really think i mean all sht i say? You asked for me to spout of randum bs by pulling sht like this telling me to go back to him on sites while simultaneously blocking my efforts.

    • My ex said all sorts about me the smear you campaign, says far more about them, than you get on with your life & be happy I am I do still fret ftom time to time but am starting to enjoy life again!!!
      Other people's opinions don't pay your bills so why let them effect your life thays my new saying we'll that and fuck them lol x

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  • ignore him.. don't get involved in that mess.

  • good for you.. hell, i never go back to an ex...


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