He said he wanted to be friends but ignores me in public?

So my boyfriend at the time broke up with me 2 months ago. The break up was smooth with no negaitivity or anything like that. It was more of a mutal agreement. We broke up because he's in his final year of school and needs to study for exams which will determine which college he'll go to and I'm in my first year of college which requires a lot of time as well. I also live on campus during the week and work at home on the weekends so the time we got to spend together was limited. He told me he couldn't break up with me over text and had to do it in person because he knows what it feels like and he cares for me and has feelings for me. He said that he still wanted to be friends and he sounded genuine when he said it. He even walked me home that night and hugged me goodbye. I told him I'd miss him and he said I'd see him again just not in the why we were, I told him thats what I'd miss. He looked so sad when I said that and he gave me another hug and we both went home.

I texted him about 3 weeks after broke up to wish him luck in some mock exams he was doing and he said thank you which was fine.

Fast forward to two months after the break up. We were both invited to a friend's birthday party as we have mutal friends. He was the first person I made eye contact with when I got into the room. I was so nervous to say anything to him first so I waited for him to come up and say hi to me first but he didn't. We just spent the night avoiding each other. I caught him staring once or twice but I was told by my friends that he was sstaring more than once. He spent his time going in and out of the bathroom with his friends when I ever I was near or on the dance floor. He was sitting on his own throughout the night but I just couldnt get the courage to go over to him. The night ended and nothing happened.

My question is why did he say he wanted to be friends but then avoid me when he saw me? I still really care and love him, that it


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  • When a person avoids you in public...
    either A- there is another girl in the picture infront of her. he wants to ignore u
    either B- its over from his side.
    Just move on babe, he is a douchebag, u deserve better.

  • wants to be friends = never speak to each other again


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