Will things progress?

i started talking to a guy a few months ago, and at first it was really nothing. lately though, we've gotten really close. he plays in a band, and he invited me to one of his shows. also, I've helped him out a lot with finding a job at my mom's store.

i went to his show with a few close friends, one of which is a good friend of his. as soon as I walked in, he greeted my friend. I stood around with them. after my friend went to the bathroom, he saw me and gave me a big hug. it was really loud so he got really close to hear me (in fact, his face was pressing against mine). he smiled at me and kept eye contact a lot. then he bought me a shirt from his band, which was really nice. after I thanked him for the shirt we went our separate ways for several minutes. later, he came up to me and gave me a big hug. he told me I was really cute, and that he was drunk. I told him thank you and that he was really cute too. he gave me another hug and then walked off.

i was watching one of the bands, when all of the sudden he came up behind me and held me, and put his hands around my waist. then he rested his head on my shoulder and stood with me. he kissed my cheek and looked at me. I turned towards him to kiss him on the cheek too, but he stopped me and kissed me on the lips. then he pulled me close to him and we stood there. we kissed a lot that night, and he held me. he also pushed away moshers who were getting close to me. it was really nice, despite the face he was drunk.

later he told me he was going to rest for a little bit and try to sober up before his band played. so he held my hand, kissed me again, and walked off.

i saw him again a while later and he seemed a lot less intoxicated. he put his arm around me and continued to kiss me and hold me. this continued throughout the night.

i texted him when I got home, and then he called me and we talked for a while. he told me he wasn't kissing me and stuff because he was drunk.

we've talked every day since then, and he calls me baby, baby girl, babe, etc. all the time. he tells me how cute I am, and he asks me if something he does bothers me because he doesn't want me to be mad at him. he says really cute things all the time.

i am pretty sure he likes me, but I'm curious as to if things are going to progress to be a relationship, or if we're just going to have a "thing". help?

also, I seem to get jealous of his ex girlfriend a lot. I'm not usually a jealous person, but in this case I keep comparing myself to her. I don't know if it's because they dated for such a long time, or if it's just because I like him a lot.

okay, so I saw him tonight. he didn't come up to me for most of the night. at the end, he put his arm around me, and when I had to leave I got a hug. but nothing else. I really don't know what's going on now.


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  • It sounds like things have progressed a lot since you first met him and he sounds like he's diffenatly into you :) and the whole drunk thing could be just a confidence boost ( I get like it I'm always much more shy to dance or anything when sober but I find when I've had a little to drink it helps me feel more confident,not saying a lot or nything but some times its just nice to be able to do what I'd like to do but don't have the confidence to do like dancing) and the fact that he's kept up contact and hasn't shied away after that night is a good sign, maybe you should just talk to him and tell him what you think and that your confuessed as to what you 2 are (I did this with my ex we both knew we liked each other and basicaly acted like a couple but we're sure what to do and I just sat down with him and told him that I was confuessed as to what we were and what did he want us to be and we then ended up at the end of the conversation agreeing on being a couple) and just if you want to be in a relationship instead of just being a thing tell him :) also the whole jealousy thing is look at it this way at least you can see that he can actualy have long relationships (unlike a lot of guys) what shows he can be serious about having a relationship also the whole 'thing' thing might be because of the fact he was in such a long relationship that he may just be a little scared of a relationship at the moment (I was in one for 3 years then got dumped and was afraid of having a relationship incase I'd get hurt again or hit the 3 year mark and not be able to get past it like as if guys wouldn't want me for any longer than that time) if that makes sence, not sure if this was any help but I hope it was and good luck :)


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