All we do is argue. How to BREAK UP nicely?

My boyfriend and I have been fighting this past week. I told him how certain actions he does hurt my feelings or make me feel like he doesn’t want to be with me or would rather be with someone else. We only been together for a month and I’m just not happy. I feel inferior because he spends all his time with this chick at work (and her sister) and even walk them to their car at night, which he never did or does for me by the way.

I talked to him about it, he said “well, If someone asks me to walk them to their car at night I’m going to do it” I said That just shows me who you care about more and what’s more important to you. Regardless of how I feel you still will do it anyway” It rubs me the wrong way. When she goes out of her way to help him at work then he claims I never have his back at work. How can I when that girl does. I’m so hurt I can’t even look at him or kiss him. I walk the other way. There’s nothing worse then feeling like your spouse would rather be with someone else.

At this point I just want to tell him to be with her and I wish them the best but I no longer want to be in this relationship. I’m playing second best.


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  • Be completely honest with him, don't sugar coat anything. Yes, it'll hurt. But it has to happen. And that way there's no room for confusion.


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  • Mutually agree to break up as its apparent nether of you are healthy for one another.

  • Just do it it's like ripping of a bandaid


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  • no woman deserves to be treated this way honey. it's all about priorities. who he gives his free time too. the way you described it i feel very sorry. you should just feel yourself and to tell him that "this is not the relationship i've wanted , if you wanted to be with me you WOULD BE with me , but your interest is far away from me and this is not working out anymore so i don't want to spend the rest of my life in a relationship that is hardly going on , sorry but we have to break up , iwi ya all the best in your life" and then block him everywhere so he can't find a way to contact you and beg you to come back and say that 'he has changed' BULLSHIT. they all say that and within 1-2 weeks they start doing what they were doing before. so don't fall with a lie like that. make your own reasons and move on , out there someone is dying for you to notice him and he will love you more than you love him. good luck <3

  • Have you bothered to ask him to walk you to your car at night?

    So what you want him to quit his job just to make you happy?

    Your overly jealous and need to seriously work on that because that's going to ruin all of your relationships.

    • Honestly just bluntly say it's over that you can't get over your jealousy.

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    • I would rather their boyfriends help them OR the 30 other men who work at the job to help them. Leave my boyfriend alone. Second the parking lot is fully light and there are two male mangers there at all times. If those women feel so unsafe ask one of those males to walk them out. If ever other woman in that building can walk to there car just fine…whats their problem?

    • Then i guess give your boyfriend an ultimatum. That either he stops helping them or you dump him. Since you can't stand it.