Just started No Contact. But will I progress from there?

Ok so my situation is this. My ex and I had been dating for about 5-6 months before he broke up with me. In the last two weeks of our relationship, he felt like he was making all the date choices. I liked it because it showed he was opening up to me. But the things I wanted to do, that he knew I wanted to do, required specific times or things which always got passed off for more important ones. Like his Air Force meeting.

He got accepted into the Air Force and that's when he broke up with me. All I want to do is support him because I am so proud of him for doing something he has always wanted to do. Yet, he's cutting off a lot of ties to people back home. Basically everyone but his best friend and his family. So, that includes me.

In the last month after we've been broken up things haven't been well. I have turned into a bit of a GNAT. I sent him a message every day trying to establish some reguluar communication for when he leaves. But he was busy. I understand that. I also understand why he doesn't want to do LDR. He was hurt by one in the past, training is 18 months long and communication is sparce on base. Besides this, my two best friends moved overseas to work and aren't talking to me, a good friend told me I wasn't "worth it" and so they won't talk to me. This all happened in the last two months and now I'm at university and I'm not coping. The class I'm struggling in, my tutor is my ex's best friend. The one that he will stay in contact with.

I do love this guy and he knows that I want to get back together when he comes home. But right now, I just want to be his friend right now. I'm on day 7 of No Contact after telling him that he did promise to remain friends and keep in contact. He knows that all I want is one email a week. He comes home in August, 2017. What should I say to him after 30 days? What can I do to one day get him back. Especially since we were really happy together, we want the same things in life an


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    Nothing you can do right now. His mind is made up and he just wants to focus on his best friend, family and the Air Force which isn't a bad thing. All you can do is accept it and move on. I think you are in a fragile emotional state because you just lost 2 best friends and boyfriend in a small amount of time. Focus on yourself and school and getting acclimated to your school and see if eventually he contacts you. A lot can change in 18 months.

    • Harsh but ok. Look I knew I was clingy right after we broke up. I hate the fact that I was like that then, but I don't think I'm that clingy now. I mean, it's not like I'm asking him to contact me everyday. I know he can't and I wouldn't want that. I'll rather he does well and just hopefully spends 5 minutes a week sending me an email. I don't call that clingy.

      I am emotional right now and yes, it's due to a lot of things and not just him. But I am used to my school. I have been there for 4 years already doing my dual degree with a double major. I'm even thinking of extending it so I don't have to take the class with his best friend and do something I would prefer later. Might add another 6 months but means I would have time for a part time job as well.

      i hope he does reach out. But I'm not going to bombard him if he doesn't.

      Thanks for your comment.

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