Would you take them back after multiple times of cheating?

Okay so my best guy friend(also my huge crush) was dating this girl for about a year and she cheated on him all the time. Well they broke it off for good about six months ago. She started dating the guy she cheated on him with and they had been together ever since. About a week ago the guy messed up and she dumped him. I am freaking out so much I actually feel sick that he will go back to her now that she is single again. So what's all your stories would you take them back again and again?


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  • The sad part about this is, some people will accept to be with someone who cheats then to dump a person and be alone. Sad but true. What's also strange is they want to be with that person because they think they can change them. Sad, very sad that some people will lower themselves just to be with someone who is a sex god or a sex goddess. Don't get me wrong. I love sex just as much as any other red blooded American boy on here! But to be sloppy seconds or even thirds, that's just killing yourself for what? Can you really be in love with someone who wants and desires to be with someone else? I can't. If my Girlfriend ever slept with another guy its freaking OVER! Done! No turning back ever. No penis or vagina is worth that much pain and to say the least that much exposed to some disease that can and does have the potential to kill you! Oh yeah that's what I want? Your an idiot for doing it with them. Just my opinion.

    • Are you calling ME an idiot at the end?

    • No it's not directed towards you at all. It's directed towards someone who does do this. Why lower ones self is what I'm saying.

    • Thanks for your answer I understand now I wasn't really thinking straight last night so I thought your last line "your an idiot for doing it with them" was directed towards me after reading it again I know that you were talking about the person who would do that. Again thanks:)

  • No I couldn't take them back.


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