When a couple breaks up, is it possible to still be good friends?

short and straight question.
Im talking about my own situation here, it has been around 7 months after the break.

And with 'good friends' i mean the soulmate kinda friends thing.
We used to do so much together, even before we were a thing.
Now we do nothing anymore.
So, is it still possible to be good friends?

PS: if you need more info just ask!


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  • Personally i don't think two people who have had a history together can remain "just "friends. In most cases... one , if not both people still have romantic feelings for each other. Eventually one of you will meet someone new , and watching someone you still love... loving someone else will be very painful. It will only work if both of you are able to suppress any romantic feelings for one another.

    Besides , remaining friends with an ex just complicates future relationships, because most people feel insecure and threatened by the fact that their SO still has contact with an ex. It is quite disrespectful to a new partner.


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  • Not really. It's possible but not probable. Chances are better if children are involved, but lessened if a friendship was formed beforehand.

  • yes completely


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