Did I guilt trip my ex?

My ex broke up with me and said he didn’t want commitment and he basically used me… So my ex started ghosting me the same day he got a new girlfriend. I went along with the whole no contact thing, even in person he would ignore me (but if he did see me he would just stare). We haven’t said a word to each other. He randomly out of the blue texts me after 6 months saying “Hey I hope everything is going well.” Than just asks me how I am and ends the convo by saying “I’m here for you if you ever need anything.” The next day I went out with friends and was extremely intoxicated, so yeah I started texting him. I confronted him about why he texted me the day before and asked if its cause he felt guilty about the past and he said he actually wanted to see how things were. I told him that what he did to me in the past bothers me a lot and hurt me a lot (even tho it really didn’t). He than says “I still care about you and its more genuine than before. I’m truly here for you.” Than I told him things like how he’s a f*ck boy and ended it by saying how I still have feelings for him (which i don’t) thus why it hurts. Than he goes silent on me and stops responding (maybe even blocked my #).


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  • I'll bet there's a million miscommunications like this one out there

    Take away the sex and the story becomes more clear to all to understand.
    He got cold feet and began to drift away and begin shopping gals again.
    During his adventures, he realized this was mistake when comparing his catches to you. Even though you might not be The One, so perfectly suited to him to hurtle his cold feet issues, you are still his #1 until something better comes along.

    Guys don't consider sex to be using a gal, any more than thinking the gal is using them sexually. Sex can be love to them but it begins as lust & making the little head happy... a massage. It's not how gals think.

    So respond however you want and yes, guilt tripping is what you did, so what? Good idea since you don't want him back ala "no feelings", so fluch all this 7 begin shopping anew for Mr. Right.

    • I'm confused he has a girlfriend now (he did for the last 6 months)

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    • Why do you think he messaged me out of the blue after 6 months of ghosting? Was it a friendly gesture?

    • He does care about you but how much and compared to what?
      After that period, the sense of loss of something/body good rises to surface but
      it's driven by both lust & love and not assured it will go further than fantasy or friendship again.

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