I need advice on my ex?

Hey guys :) so my boyfriend of about a month broke up with me two months ago, said he needed to focus on school and his job, I was pretty gutted because I could really see us being together for a long time but oh well. Anyways, I started seeing a new guy and I heard from my ex's friends that he was upset about it, but we never even talk anymore. Why was he upset? I'm going to a party in a few hours and he will be there, should I talk to him at all?


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  • Success is the best revenge mate... and when someone breaks up with you and you move on.. its like a slap to the face.. so of course he's upset.. he's mad because though he hurt you, you took it in stride and kept moving.
    As for the party, go there, smile, laugh, talk to him while doing that... possibly about your new boyfriend... that will gut him even more lol :)

    yours truly...
    the devil.

    • Thanks for MH... do i get to hear the story?

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    • nah, I think it's better to be the bigger person, because he looked like fool just by himself hahaah

    • i don't think it works that way lol... but a hug is a hug.. its whatever

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  • It's not your fault or your business that your ex feels badly that he ended the relationship and you've moved on. He's probably upset because he feels somewhat possessive over you even though he broke up with you, he feels like now some other guy is taking over or you're going to like this new guy more, maybe he feels like he wasn't good enough (even though he was the one who broke up with you... this isn't a time for rational thought, it's all immature emotions).

    As far as the party goes, I wouldn't plan on anything for certain. Be friendly, but don't let any invisible lines be crossed. Are you going with your new boyfriend?

    Either way, if you happen to run into your ex, be friendly, say "Hey, how are you? Nice to see you, hope you're having a good time! Well... see you around!" but don't let him try and rekindle anything. If your boyfriend is with you, introduce them (but not as "this is my ex", just "This is ____")

    If you're going without your boyfriend and if there's booze there, I'd be very careful, just in case.


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