Can't stop thinking about her. What should I do?

I met her at work while transporting her grandmother to a skilled nursing facility. I broke the ice by complimenting her on her boots (wasn't sure what else to say). Later that day, I added her to Facebook - a move that surprised her a little bit, but she told me a few days later that she was glad I did. We met up four or five times, including once where we just rode horses around and talked about stuff (that was my favorite). She told me about how she used to self harm prior to becoming an equestrian and how Almond Joy was her favorite chocolate bar. We only ever hugged twice, but I'd do almost anything for another. She's been ignoring me for roughly 3 years now (She hasn't blocked me, but I'm trying not to push her to that extreme). I've tried moving on, but to no avail. What should I do?


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  • Three years? Wasn't expecting that. You made it sound very recent. Let it go and move on. Start dating other people. If you still find yourself struggling even after dating other girls, consider therapy.


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    • Glad there's a term for it, but labeling it is kinda like being shot, then being told what you got shot with.

  • I feel you man... been two months and I'm obsessed with her. Loved her more than any woman I've been with in my 30 years of dating... we were only together 6 months and I love her deeply.

    Doesn't help that I keep seeing her driving around as we live in the same neighborhood..

    Hurts and I can't tell you how to fix it as I've not been able to find the answer... tried dating, praying, crying.. none of it works!


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