Girls, Ladies what would be your initial thoughts and reactions?

If the guy you have been dating since past half of the year turns out to have a lot of hair on his body even on abnormal places such as his bums and lower back in addition to having a very hairy thighs and belly? And you get to know and see this the very first time when you both are making out and you put your hands in his underwear and feel hairy bums after which you ask him to strip for her.
What would cross your mind?
You still haven't had sex with him, so would you be happy that things didn't got so far with this hairy monkey?


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  • I know some girls can be picky about this, but honestly I don't care. My boyfriend ended up being pretty hairy (pretty much the same as you're describing) but hairy or not, he's perfect just the way he is. By the time you reach the point in your relationship where you begin to take off each others clothes, it doesn't really matter what's underneath. You just do it to be closer, not to judge the person.


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  • I mean honestly, I don't like a ton of hair, if he could shave or wax or have me do it for him then I'd be good