Do I forgive him?

My boyfriend of 2 years told me he slept with his ex wife on three separate occasions within our two months of dating. He said he stopped it all when "he knew it was serious with me". He wanted to come clean now because he wants to be honest, since "he wants to spend the rest of his life with me" do I forgive him


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  • This, I think, is a particularly fuzzy situation. Like others have said, this happened two years ago. He didn't have to tell you, but he did. I mean... if he had never told you, things between you would be exactly the same. I think that the fact he did tell you is impressive and says something about his level of commitment to you. Obviously he was feeling guilty about his actions of two years ago, and despite the fact that you two were happy, he felt guilty enough that he needed to tell you, even if it meant an unhappy time in your relationship.

    I'm not sure how I would feel were I in your shoes. Your boyfriend is probably/possibly a very different person than what he was two years ago. Only you know what he is really like, I can only guess, but I would say that this is not something that should ruin your relationship!

    An ex-wife is a different situation from an ex-girlfriend I think. Two people vowing to spend the rest of their lives together, share the same name, etc... and I'm sure that divorce, even if both parties were unhappy with the other, is extremely hard and emotional. Even if you no longer love the person, they've still been a huge part of your life for many years. I'm not saying it's right, but I think that his actions are somewhat understandable. If you two were casual for those first few months... obviously cheating is wrong, but very situation is different!

    It's really up to you to decide what to do, but personally I don't think you should let something that happened 2 years ago dictate how you live your life now. I don't think you need to do things to "make him prove himself" especially if he only did it during those first two months. Discuss it, forgive, and move past it. It does NO good to linger in the past because we can do nothing to change it, no matter how hard we may want to!


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  • If his honesty was unprovoked, then I think it's sincere. If he just came out and told you about his ex-wife encounters without any questions from you, then I think it's legit. If it did happen early in your relationship and now later on he's telling you all the secrets, chances are he wants to develop complete trust with you. I applaud him for coming clean if that is in fact the whole truth.

  • yes of course at least at starting you have to trust on him. But how long it totally depends on u. becoz girls are very emotional. so tell him ur concern. and make yourself very strong it happend now it can happen next time. and always make him feel that next time if it happens he would hv to pay for that. be strong start new life take him on love. I wish ur life would be full happiness.

  • So you have been dating for 24 months, and he hasn't done this in the past 22 months? I think that one of the people responding didn't get the timeline right...

    I guess only you know what the relationship was like for the two of you in those first two months.

    It doesn't sound that unusual to me, if he was just ending the relationship with her, and the relationship with you started off casually. I'm not saying it was right for him to act like he did, but it sounds like the type of thing that can be forgiven.

    I think it is more important that he hasn't done anything like that in the last 22 months, and that he felt it was good to be honest with you about what happened previously.

    • I AGREE.... It would be VERY different, if I were in the RECENT two months.. & Not that I promote it, but sex is sex is sex- does not mean much in itself... He recognized the value in your relationship... They say it is GOOD for people to admit it,cause it mans they really don't want to do t again.

      I don't know your situation, but I would most likely be like " Ok, but if there IS a next time, that will be OUR last- & I'm not going to be mad, no debate, no argument I'll just leave. :-)

  • I'd definitely say forgive him if it never progressed past that point, cheating is wrong, but him fixing it early in your relationship and noticing that what he has with you is really what he wants then I'd say he turned out pretty damn well. I'd forgive him, but keep an eye out for a little while.

    • My question is (and I need a man's perspective on this), why tell me, he could have kept it from me. I am glad now that he can be honest, but I guess I am over anaylzing things. Thanks for your your comment.

    • He told you because he wanted a full blown truthful and faithful marriage, plus, it was probably eating away at him. I know it did me....i just kissed a girl though and it was in first month of dating.

  • I say work it least he's being honest BEFORE you get married. My girl never told me and lied about it and had to find out myself right after the wedding days later. He's being honest and it may hurt to know what happened, but he's comin clean with you so don't beat him up to bad over it.

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  • the first 2 months don't count. how often did you even see each other in those 2 months?

    just because you've had 4-5 dates with someone, does that mean you're exclusive and turning dates down from other people?

    besides, it was his ex-wife, not some random chick. they were obviously sleeping together still before you and him went out at all. he didn't know the two of you would last. and I don't think the two of you even had sex in those first couple of months. she was just someone he knew and could get sex with. well, obviously a bit more than that, but all in all.

    there is nothing to forgive. if he'd done it midway through your relationship at a point at which it was serious, or if he hadn't stopped doing it, then it would be a very different situation.

    he clearly loves you, wants to be with you, and is completely serious about you. I don't believe the always honest approach is best, but on the other hand imagine the 2 of you marry and you hear off someone else, especially from the ex-wife, about those first couple of months. better from him.

  • how serious can he be if he's sleeping with other women? honestly that's a question to ask yourself.

    if you guys had decided it was serious from the start, then no way is this acceptable behavior.

    even though I am a serious person in regards to relationships, if I were theoretically casual at the beginning, I'd still be p*ssed he lied to me about this.

  • i have a problem with this. first of all, there are some things we just don't need to know that no good can come of (exes should stay in the past both in action and words). second, if he thought it was ok at the time to be sleeping with other women while sleeping with you, then why does he need to come clean? why? because he knew it was wrong when he was doing it.

  • Personally, I would appreciate his honesty. It was within the first 2 months of dating...and that was almost 2 years ago! He didn't need to tell you, and he did. Frankly, I'm impressed...and I do have high standards.

  • yes... forgive him..

    that was a marriage, it was obviously going to be very hard for him?

    no it doesn't make it right.

    and the fact that he has come clean now shows that if it does happen again in the future you can trust him enough to tell you?maybe?

    only you can decide whether your love is strong enough to get past it

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